Hi! We would love
to hav
e you as
our guest.

The Happy Finns is a project exploring happiness though

culture driven by partnerships.​

We are developing our community by hosting a podcast that

explores the mystery of Finnish Happiness. ​

Our guests will be a diverse mix of celebrities, thought leaders

and friends of the project who we respect and admire.​

And we would love to have you as a guest. 


What are we cooking?

We will record the podcast in a video meeting which will take 30-60 minutes.​

  • We will be publishing the interview as an audio only podcast on major podcast platforms.

  • We will also publish 3-5 short video clips from the session on our social media channels.

We are flexible and appreciate that our guests are busy and are open to other solutions!​


What will we talk about?

On our podcast we focus on five questions – with some follow up discussions as the conversation flows:​

  • Finland has been selected as the Happiest country in the world for five years running.
    What do you think drives this success and do you agree?
    On a scale of 1-10 how happy do you think ​Finland is and why?​

  • Deep down we assume that happiness is the goal we should be pursuing.  ​
    Do you think it's the right pursuit?
    How important is happiness?​

  • Do you think happiness is something that can be taught or learned?

  • If you could take one value from Finland and teach it to the rest of the world what would it be?​

  • Do you have a habit or tool that you’ve developed that you think contributes to your happiness? ​
    What is it and do you have a story about where it comes from?​


There is a Happy Finn NFT waiting for you.

We offer all the guests of the podcast a custom Happy Finn NFT! 
Please fill in the below or mail the information to your Happy Finns contact.

Thanks for submitting!

What about the tech?

Very easy. We use a platform called Riverside to meet and record.
You will receive a link to join, just like a Zoom or Google meet.

There are a few things to consider that will help make the experience seamless, but none of the below is mandatory.


Your Setting

  • Take the call in as quiet as environment as you can to avoid background noise.

  • Its also great if you are in a location with sufficient light and a background you like, as we are also capturing video clips.

Your Setup

  • If you are using a computer: please use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

  • If you are using a mobile device please use the Riverside app and place the device on a steady surface.

  • Ensure a stable internet connection. You can test it here.

    TIP: A wired connection using an Ethernet cable is more reliable than WiFi.

  • Close other browser tabs and applications, especially any that use your microphone or camera.

Prepare to Record

  • Temporarily turn off your computer's screensaver or a sleep mode setting that might interrupt the recording.

  • Temporarily turn off any VPNs, browser extensions, content blockers, or firewalls.

  • If you plan to share your screen, use a computer and test screen sharing from the Studio before recording.

    Leave the Riverside browser window or app open after you finish recording until you see Upload Complete or 100% Uploaded.

    Keep in mind that your locally recorded track will be higher quality than what you see and hear during the live call.


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Rights and (non)fine print.

We want our discussion to reach as many people as possible, so we release our podcast under the Creative Commons BY-ND license, meaning anyone can share and distribute the content for any purpose, but not re-mix or change it.

Terms of the license can be found here.

In the beginning of the recording we'll briefly explain the license and ask you to agree to it.